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This new research initiative by Sukanya Baskar for the Alkazi Foundation aims to understand the relationship between photography and print media, particularly magazines and periodicals starting in the 1950s. It is directed towards unearthing alternative spaces of collaboration, discourse, and exhibition in print culture following Independence.

With periodicals like Viewfinder, produced by the Federation of Indian Photography (1944 onwards), on the one hand and the Kodak Indian Magazine published by Kodak Limited exclusively for India (launched during 1940s), we encounter various aesthetic trajectories and a diverse yet motivated reading public from the post-Independence period. The project further explores relationships between print culture and its intersections with design, cinema and advertising, and hence, traces the legacy of these unique publications. 

Brief Note on Sukanya Baskar:

Sukanya Baskar is a curator, writer and researcher. Her work has developed closely alongside archives, with a focus on photography and moving image. Previously, she was working with PIX magazine as a researcher and design consultant. As a part of her graduation project she worked on the photobook, ‘Witness: Kashmir 1986–2016 / Nine Photographers’ (Yaarbal Books, 2017) edited by Sanjay Kak, featured on the New York Times’ list of Best of photobooks of 2017. She is a graduate from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and the Center for Curatorial Studies, (CCS) at Bard College, New York.


March 2021

Kodak Indian Magazine


Camera in the Tropics

April 2021


The Illustrated Weekly of India



May 2021

Camera in the Tropics (Announcements of National and International exhibitions)

The Photographic Times and Times of India Illustrated Weekly

Indian Pictorial Education



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