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Collaboration with Duke University, Durham, NC

Words of Light on the Streets of Disobedience in Bombay, 1930-1931 

On the occasion of World Photography Day, the Alkazi Foundation announced its collaborative project with the Department of History, Duke University on a rare album ‘Collections of Photographs of Old Congress Party – K.L. Nursey’. As part of the ongoing research, this short clip features Prof. Sumathi Ramaswamy (James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of History, Duke University) and Avrati Bhatnagar (Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, Duke University) providing an overview of this unpublished album.

The album offers a visual journey with the help of the camera into the ways in which the Civil Disobedience Movement unfolded on the streets and surrounding areas of Bombay from early April 1930 with the commencement of the Salt Satyagraha to Gandhi’s departure for London to attend the Second Round Table Conference on 29 August 1931. The album taken by an as-yet unidentified photographer takes us into the heart of this action, allowing us to get a feel for the energy and enthusiasm of disobedience.