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Uprising of 1857

On Hallowed Ground: Aftermath of the Uprising, 1857 5th – 14th January 2007, India International Centre, New Delhi

Remnants of a Past: Traces of the Uprising, 1857 26th October – 20th November 2007, Conference Centre, North Campus, University of Delhi, New Delhi

Remnants of a Past: Traces of the Uprising, 1857 27th December 2007 – 14th January 2008, Shridharani Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi

InviteIncluding contributions from Felice Beato, Samuel Bourne, Moorlidhur & Sons, Lala Deen Dayal, John Tressider, and H.A. Mirza & Sons amidst many others, the exhibitions attempted to assimilate the past and present lives of Delhi and other affected cities, connected by a chain of events that led to their memorialisation after the Uprising.

Early photography, its poignant simplicity and sheer visual splendour captured in shades of sepia, is a prism through which the changing countours of life are perceived and visualized. Images become a means of bridging the historical rupture between rarefied cultural zones and commonplace locales. These stimulating endeavours helped us to orgainse an exhibition commemorating the events of 1857 arising out of a respect for the past, the preservation of mutilated historical structures and a recollection of our collective responsibility in ensuring the sanctity of India’s myriad cultures for the future.

Exhibition Views