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Nandita Raman
‘Letters to Alice, Bill and Allen’
Awardee Documentary Photography Grant 2016 (Read More…)


Nishant Shukla
‘Seeking Moaksha’
Awardee Photobook Grant 2016 (Read More…)



Uzma Mohsin
‘The Muslim Modern’
Awardee Documentary Photography Grant 2017 (Read More…)


Rohit Saha
‘Fake Encounters’
Awardee Photobook Grant 2017 (Read More…)



Nilargha Chatterjee
‘Metamorphosis of an Ancient Identity’
Documentary Photography grant 2018 (Read More…)


Mahesh Shantaram
‘A Portrait of Racism in India’
Awardee Photobook Grant 2018
Under Review / Unpublished (Read More…)


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