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Theatre and Photography: Zuleikha Chaudhari in conversation with Naveen Kishore

Following the introduction of the Theatre Photography Grant in August 2020, the Alkazi Theatre Archives has initiated a series of talks on theatre photography as well as exploring the relationship between theatre and photography. Following the first talk with Dr. Erdmut Wizisla (Director of the Brecht and the Benjamin Archives, Berlin) on Bertolt Brecht’s photobook, ‘War Primer’, this is the second talk in the series.

Theatre photographer Naveen Kishore delves into his experience of theatre photography and its relation with light. Mr. Kishore’s observations and documentation of theatre are affected by the fluidity and motion of light, creating ‘room for accident’ and a process, which often produces ‘imperfect photographs’. Untold subtexts and backstories, which are often abandoned in the actual performance, surface in these photographs. Mr Kishore frames the reality of theatre-photography within the scopes of memory, rhetoric and emotion as the location of the dramatic.