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Photobook Grant 2020 – RUNNERS-UP

Indu Antony: Why can’t bras have buttons.

Indu Antony is an artist from Kerala based out of Bangalore, India. She works in multiple mediums of which photography is a core element. She often works with ideas questioning societal confinement, identity, gender, public access, collective and suppressed memories. Often politically charged she engages with mediums to create social impact. The activist side of her takes her projects onto the streets and also into the various performances.

Her photobook submission, Why can’t bras have buttons. has been conceptualised as a memory box where each object has been sewn by a single strand of hair of the artist. Through this work Indu aims to emphasize how hair is a metaphor for memory, one that does not decompose while retaining the DNA to the person. The book presents various objects collected by her over the years as a way of documenting her life. 

Mansi Pal: Lightness of Being

Mansi Pal studied documentary photography from the Pathshala South Asia Media Institute. Her work is based on fictional and non-fictional representations of memory, displacement, and loss born out of a system that she calls her attic. Through her work she tries to re-imagine growth using mix-media formats and humour.

Her photobook submission Lightness of Being throws light on her repressed childhood trauma, whose dots she was able to connect to a packet of chips. This work attempts to bridge the gap between her, the culture that conditioned her and is an exploration of how our individual traumas singularly and collectively shape our perception of the world. This work began during the Angkor Photo Festival Workshop under the guidance of Antoine d’Agata, Sohrab Hura and Tania Bohorquez.