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Reviewing the Theatre of the 90s in India

As part of the series ‘Staging Transitions — Theatre of the 90s in India’, which explores the evolving dynamics in theatre as a result of its interaction and negotiation with larger socio-political shifts, as well as changes in cultural policies taking place during the 1990s, ‘Staging Transitions — Reviewing the Theatre of the 90s in India’ evaluates theatre writing and performances during this decade. It examines theatre’s response to events and shifting paradigms in a national and international context.‘Staging Transitions — Reviewing the Theatre of the 90s in India’  intends to explore these investigations further, as it tries to formulate a conceptual framework that maps a course between the politics and the aesthetic of theatre — considering cultural infrastructures such as cultural labor, audiences, and reception, circulation, and distribution.

Raastey, 1989

Sarama, 1989

Hatyare, 1990

Tirichh, 1990

Doora Nee Saavu Moodindi, 1990

Chimni Choga, 1990

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