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Reviewing the Theatre of the 90s in India

As part of the series ‘Staging Transitions — Theatre of the 90s in India’, which explores the evolving dynamics in theatre as a result of its interaction and negotiation with larger socio-political shifts, as well as changes in cultural policies taking place during the 1990s, ‘Staging Transitions — Reviewing the Theatre of the 90s in India’ evaluates theatre writing and performances during this decade. It examines theatre’s response to events and shifting paradigms in a national and international context.‘Staging Transitions — Reviewing the Theatre of the 90s in India’  intends to explore these investigations further, as it tries to formulate a conceptual framework that maps a course between the politics and the aesthetic of theatre — considering cultural infrastructures such as cultural labor, audiences, and reception, circulation, and distribution.

Raastey, 1989

Sarama, 1989

Hatyare, 1990

Tirichh, 1990

Doora Nee Saavu Moodindi, 1990

Chimni Choga, 1990

Ambedkari Jalsa, 1991

Rudhadwar, 1991

Char Chaughi, 1991

Garak Ho Riha Manukh, 1991

Satyashodhak, 1992

Chekumuki Ravalu (Sparks from the Firestone), 1992

Urulum Paraihal/Paraigal (Rocks that Roll), 1992

Dekh Rahe Hain Nain, 1992

All the Best (Marathi), 1993

Khol Do (Adaptation of Saadat Hasan Manto’s short story), 1993

Nadugadhika (Malayalam), 1993

Gandhi, 1993

Einstein, 1994

Ladi Najariya, 1994

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