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Print & Theatre


Theatre and vernacular print culture emerged hand in hand during the colonial period in India and became highly instrumental in propagating the anti-imperial struggle. However, an exclusive commentary on and for theatre emerged post- Independence and began to disseminate through magazines, periodicals, and newsletters, chronicling not only… Read More




Theatre News – National & International


“The happiest feature of this widespread interest is the fact that theatre in India has survived the onslaught of the film, Radio, as we have seen, offers little competition; television is, as of yet, absent though few will be able to hazard what its impact will be on the Indian people. But the film has a predominant hold on them. The Indian film industry is amongst the biggest in the world, yet save in a handful of instances… Read More




Advertisements & Subscriptions


Advertisements and subscriptions are essential aspects in the running of print medium. While theatre magazines target/ed theatre artists, enthusiasts, critics, and theatre goers specifically, their advertisements and subscription flyers allow us to understand and analyse the readership and reception of these magazines as well as the circulation of theatre performances, discussions and scholarship… Read more




Inland Letter and Theatre Journal


‘But if this sounds like easy communication at little cost, that’s also not correct. Anand Gupta is already weighed under with the money required to keep this Abhinay going. They have introduced tiny little panels for advertisements in the middle pages, a little banner advertisement on the top, and a half-page advertisement for the bottom half…Read more