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Photography and the Magazine in India


Another magazine that forms a part of this research is ‘Camera in the Tropics’— a magazine for the Professional and Amateur photographers. Started by Ambalal Jhaveribhai Patel of the Central Camera Company in 1940, the magazine was one of the first of its kind addressing both the cine and still photographer, since Patel’s foray into photography was also as a still photographer in the movies. Apart from articles on camera techniques and extensive advertising for equipment, the magazine also covered the activities of the Amateur Cine Society, started by Patel and Stanley Jepson, an editor of the Illustrated Weekly as well as several photographic societies around the country. 

Cover May–June 1940
Cover March 1941. “Balance” by Gulamali Habib 
Cover July 1946, “Memories” by EOS Studio 

Images courtesy: Harvard Fine Arts Library archives