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Harikrishna Katragadda is a visual artist whose work explores communities, environment and personal memories using photography, text, drawings and references from cinema and poetry. His documentary work with Cyanotypes on the Ganga river pollution received the Invisible Photographer Asia Art Award in 2018.

Shweta Upadhyay is a writer and an artist who works with photographs. She employs erasure and defacement using text and fragments from her personal diary, and includes references from poetry, literature and cinema. She works as the Assistant Editor of ART India magazine.


I’ll be looking at the moon, but I’ll be seeing you is a collaborative project, inspired by the opening scene in Jean Luc- Godard’s Le Mépris (1963) and the Billie Holiday song, I’ll Be Seeing You (1944). This body of work was initiated by Katragadda on the expressions and registers of love through a protagonist, his partner Shweta. It is an ode to the in-betweens, the interlude filled with memories of loves lost and a longing for the reawakening of love. It attempts to capture ways of seeing and searching for one’s lover, the desire and heartache of looking for the elusive other in the spaces around. The overarching symbol of the moon combines the desire for the lover, the desire for the world, and the desire for the image. The book draws from the genre of gothic romance with subtexts of the supernatural, absent presences, portentous spaces charged with fear and desire, hidden secrets, omens, and birds. Like the moon that indexes both absence and presence, wholeness and emptiness – the book’s central character is a haunting figure on the verge of disappearance and subsequent reappearance. The book also interweaves the gaze of the photographer with the voice of the subject. Through mark making, erasure and embroidery, the aim is to layer the images to bring out the complexities of the self and relationships. The subject is not passive but answers back and takes charge of her narrative and steeps it with fiction, fable, suppressed memories, allusions, ghostly presences, secrets, and lies.


Printer: Naveen Printers, New Delhi
Publication Date and Place: 1st July 2022, Mumbai
Edition of 500

Size: 23.7 x 16.5 x 5.8 cm
106 pages, 72 photographs and drawings
Handmade, accordion fold, hardbound with jute thread spine in a glow-in-the dark painted box
Offset, digital, screenprint, acrylic, gold and silver foil, and various other materials / Renoir Extra White 160 gsm
Price in India:
INR 5700 (including shipping)
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