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A Bibliographic Listing From The Archive

Modern Indian Drama: Issues and Interventions – Edited by Lakshmi Subramanyam

Book: Modern Indian Drama: Issues and Interventions
Edited by: Lakshmi Subramanyam
Contributing Authors: Lakshmi Subramanyam, Sudhanva Deshpande, Tripurari SHarma, V. Padma (Mangai), Lata Singh, HS Shiva Prakash, Angelie Multani, GJV Prasad, Jaidev Taneja, Sonali Jain, Maya Pandit, Swati Pal
Published by: Srishti Publishers and Distributors, 2008

This edited volume by Lakshmi Subramanyam attempts to examine modernity in India from post-independence period to the present through a variety of approaches taken by the contributing authors including post-colonialism, interculturalism, pluralism and marginalism. Focusing on the modern Indian dramas catering to the proscenium stage, this work interrogates the concept of modernity as featured in plays of Vijay Tendulkar, Girish Karnad and Mahesh Dattani. Offering diverse perspectives on the debate between tradition and modern in India, the collection documents practitioner’s as well as theorist’s views on the relationship between the past and the present.

Giving an overview of the influences and nature of modern Indian drama, Lakshmi Subramanyam writes, ‘Modernism in Indian drama was also deeply influenced by European drama in its questioning of traditional values in religion and culture, a self-conscious reflection on the fragmented nature of the urban experience, avant-garde movements and an emphasis on experimentation in form and theme…While proscenium theatre dominated mainstream drama, a counter discourse was visible in experiments that were deeply influenced by Bertolt Brecht’s epic theatre and alienation techniques…Focusing on multiple devising techniques, non-linear composition, multi-media and emphasizing the material presence of the body are but a few of the techniques used to destabilize the concepts of realism and naturalism that marked the early phase of modern drama and theatre’.

41- Modern Indian Drama- Issues and Interventions – Edited by Lakshmi Subramanyam