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An Introduction to Post-Colonial Theatre

Book: An Introduction to Post-Colonial Theatre
Written by: Brian Crow and Chris Banfield
Published by: Cambridge, 1996

‘An Introduction to Post-Colonial Theatre’ explores the works of major postcolonial theatre practitioners from the Third World, as well practitioners from marginalized cultures within the First World. While on one hand, the book studies playwrights from diverse cultural backgrounds, on the other hand, the authors explore the shared experience of British colonial oppression.

The book begins with chapters on the contribution of American and Australian theatre practitioners, followed by a focus on African playwrights, and concludes with chapters on Indian theatre and dramatists. In the first chapter, the authors present a comprehensive study of Derek Walcott and assert that he is without doubt the major dramatist that the Caribbean has so far produced. The second chapter is dedicated to August Wilson’s work on Black people’s marginalization in the United States. Chapter five delves into Athol Fugard’s works on apartheid and post-apartheid racial tensions in South Africa. Chapter three focuses on Jack Davis, an aboriginal writer, and his literary works from Australia and chapter four discusses the works of Wole Soyinka and how he has the capacity to blend European dramaturgy with ritually based theatrical performances and thinking of the Nigerian Yoruba reality. Chapters six and seven discuss the works of theatre personalities— Badal Sircar and Girish Karnad from India.

“The ‘return to roots’, in search of a fully restored cultural identity and self-confidence, often seems to involve a mode of thought and being, invoked and explored by several of our dramatists, that is quite alien to the settled habits of Western rationalism and its customary assumptions about history.” (p.162).

An Introduction to Post-Colonial Theatre